FDA-Compliant O-Rings & O-Ring Cord

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FDA Grade, Food Safe O-Rings

Global O-Ring and Seal offers a wide variety of products which are FDA-compliant.

What does it mean for a rubber o-ring to be FDA-compliant?

FDA-compliant means passing the Code of Federal Regulations, specifically CFR 21.177.2600, which covers:

  • Dry Foods: Must meet formulation and curation criteria under conditions of good manufacturing practice as appropriate for repeated use.
  • Liquids: Must meet extraction criteria (not exceeding 20mg/sq inch in distilled water).
  • Fatty Foods: Must meet additional extraction criteria (not exceeding 175mg/sq inch in n-hexane).

Global O-Ring and Seal achieves FDA compliance standards, and our FDA Declaration of Compliance can be viewed here. Utilizing FDA-compliant material, and food safe o-rings is the best way ensure biological products adhere to federal standards of sanitation. 

Here are a few of our standard FDA-compliant o-ring and o-ring cord compounds:
We can offer many more, so please fill out the form on this page or call us with any special FDA-compliant product requests.
FDA-Grade O-Rings
Compound Material Durometer Color
S70 Silicone 70 Red
N70FDA Nitrile (Buna-N) 70 Black
V75FDA Viton® 75 Black

FDA-Grade O-Ring Cord

Compound Material Durometer Color
WN70 Nitrile (Buna-N) 70 White
WV75 Viton® 75 White
WE70 EPDM 70 White
S35 Silicone 35 Red
S40 Silicone 40 Red
S50 Silicone 50 Red
S70 Silicone 70 Red

Note: The Food & Drug Administration does not individually approve specific products to CFR 21.177.2600. The manufacturer of the completed FDA-grade product is the designated entity to furnish an FDA certificate as evidence of its compliance. Furthermore, while a manufactured part may be FDA-grade material, one should not infer that part fits its intended technical application.

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